Lightweight Handheld Computer

This handheld device, developed for the United States Army and Marines, incorporates the latest instructional information which provides first-hand knowledge for active soldiers. The LHC program was voted the Army's top five developmental programs in 2004, as well as the top ten Army inventions in 2004.


This fast track program was designed and developed for an Urgent Material Release.


An Australian National Guard program that was developed as an effective means to incorporate communications to the user in the field.


State of the art setter system which provides the soldier the ability to communicate tactics in the field.


This was the initial program that began in 1994 and has been fielded to the Army. This program was the catalyst for all mission-based systems. This was voted one of the Army’s top ten developmental programs in 2004. The success of the program allowed the user to complete missions in less than 1 minute, with the ability to maintain 2-way communications with the soldiers.


A ground-based system that gives the soldier the ability to receive field directions from command without the footprint of a vehicle in the area. This was voted one of the Army’s top five DOD development programs for 2007 and it received the 2010 award for the United States' top ten inventions.


This was a proof-of-principle program that was created to baseline the theory that the government Integrated Product Team can develop instruction manuals and install them on ANY platform. It remarkably took six weeks to get to test and prove the capability of this system. The entire crew worked for days in 29 Palms, CA at temperatures above 115F in order to prove a design for this test system.

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